Cloze Test - Important for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Wednesday, April 20, 2016
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Directions :-

In the following passage, there are blanks , each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, Four words are suggested , one of which fits the blank appropriately.Find out the appropriate word.

We (1) in a lonely and anxious world. The passage of anxiety builds up and seek (2).you can (3) the tension of everyday life in a constructive way through books. There is a book for every (4) and mood. It is only a matter of taking time to find it.

Love of good solid reading is a great (5) to happiness to beat boredom, to defeat loneliness, to resume daily work with new vigour and (6) a mind which is educated , calm and clear.

Many people (7) aloud and are rather slow. A normal educated person is able to read 200 words a minute .It seems such a (8) of time when compared to those who can read about 1000 words in the same time with equal or even (9) comprehension.The only way to (10) your reading speed is to try to read faster.

(a) enjoy
(b) live
(c) die
(d) survice

(a) happiness 
(b) Salvation
(c) release
(d) succour

(a) Quit
(b) remove
(c) get rid
(d) escape

(a) occasion
(b) place
(c) one
(d) body

(a) Value
(b) asset
(c) boost
(d) help

(a) make
(b) inform
(c) form
(d) derive

(a) write
(b) recite
(c) talk
(d) read

(a) use
(b) waste
(c) utility
(d) value

(a) unequal
(b) much
(c) more
(d) many

(b) increase
(c) expand
(d) enhance

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