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Reading Comprehension - Expected set for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Wednesday, April 20, 2016
reading comprehensions
Directions :-
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow .You have to choose your answers out of the four given choices (a), (b), (c) and (d).

The Supreme Court Judgement which abolishes punishment for attempted suicide will prove to be a milestone in India's Judicial history. This is so because the judgment will benefit tens of thousands of
miserable souls who are prosecuted for  failing to kill themselves. Around 50,000 suicides are reported in India every year.Considering that three suicide  bids take place for every successful one, we can safely  assume that the failed suicides amount to 1,50,000 a year in India .
These 1,50,000 individuals could be  sentenced to one year in jail under Section 309 of the Indian penal Code Which  the Supreme Court Judgement has effected as being unconstitutional. Quite rightly, the  judgement said that Section punishment  for a troubled individual whose deep unhappiness had caused him to try and end his life.
Yet, time  and again,, the Indian police had launched these prosecutions.The Supreme Court Judgment has overturned a 1987 decision by a division bench which had upheld the constitution
Validity of the Indian law  against Suicide. The judgment had ruled that the right to life  implied in  the Indian Constitution does not include the right to die.

1. Which judgement  of the supreme  Court will be a milestone in India's  Judicial History?
(a) The  one abolishing Suicide
(b) the one abetting suicide
(c) the one doing away with punishment for attempted suicide
(d) the one  condoning suicide

2. Why is the judgement hailed as a milestone?
(a) because it will bring relief all around
(b) because it will lessen the work of the police 
(c) because it is very balanced
(d) because it will bring relief to all those being punished for attempting suicide

3.  What punishment according to the passage was envisaged for unsuccessful suicide attempts, under the Indian law ?
(a) a fine of thousand rupees
(b) death sentence
(c) one year in jail
(d) extreme torture

4. The judgement has termed Section 309 as cruel  and irrational because
(a) it takes away the right to life
(b) it doubles the punishment of a tortured soul
(c) it is very lenient
(d) it provides for false accusations

5. What has the Indian police done time and again ?
(a) it has attempted  to punish those guilty of trying to end their life
(b) it has punished those who have committed suicide
(c) it has imposed hardships on citizens
(d) it has violated the Constitution 

6. The Supreme Court judgement 
(a) has come up with the decision on its own
(b) has reversed an earlier  judgement dealing with suicide 
(c) is a continuation of the 1987 decision
(d) is a unique one

7.In 1987, a division bench had
(a) rejected the Indian law against suicide
(b) changed the Indian law against suicide
(c) supported the Indian law against Suicide
(d) given a new meaning to the suicide law

8. The 1987 judgement had reasoned that
(a) a man was free to die
(b) the constitution did not provide for Suicide
(c) right to die in Indian Constitution was upheld
(d) the right to life in Indian Constitution had no implication of right to die

9. The word 'effaced' in the passage means
(a) included
(b) deleted
(c) devised 
(d) dismissed

10. The word 'validity' in the passage means
(a) soundness
(b)  remainder
(c) invocation
(d) legality


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