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Static GK Quiz for SSC and Railways - Part 25

Published on Friday, April 29, 2016
ssc quiz
Ques 1.
Who amongst the following is the author of the book "The Grass is singing"?
(a) Gunter  Grass
(b) Daris Lassing
(c) John Maxwell
(d) Harald  Pinter

Ques 2.
In ancient India which was the first place to have a university with a hostel facility?
(a) Nalanda
(b) Takshila
(c) Banaras 
(d) Sarnath

Ques 3.
Which amongst  the following metals is found in its original Form?
(a) Gold
(b) Sodium
(c) Calcium
(d) Potassium

Ques 4.
Which one of the following rates is not determined by the Reserve Bank of India  ?
(a) CRR
(b)  SLR
(c) Prime Lending
(d) Repo Rate

Ques 5.
International Court of Justice is situated at 
(a) The Hague
(b) New York
(c) Geneva
(d) London

Ques 6.
National Flower, bird and animal of India are:
(a) Lotus, Peacock and Elephant
(b) Lotus,Swan and Lion
(c") Lotus, peacock and cow
(d) Lotus, Peacock and Tiger

Ques 7.
The date on which day and night is equal are:
(a) 21st March and 24th December
(b) 14th January and 23rd September
(c) 21st March and 23rd September
(d) 14th January and 22nd June

Ques 8.
Founder of Arya Samaj was
(a) Swami Dayanand  Saraswati
(b) Swami Vivekananda
(c) Raja Rammohn Roy
(d) Sri Aurobindo

Ques 9.
The best Conductor of electricity is
(a) Silver
(b) Copper
(c) Gold
(d) Platinum

Ques 10.
Range of normal pulse rate of a healthy person is
(a) 50 to 65 minutes
(b) 66 to 88 minutes
(c) 81 to 95 minutes
(d) 96 to 110 minutes

Ques 11.
From which country has India purchased Mirage 2000
(a) America
(b) Russia
(c) France
(d) Germany

Ques 12.
Which of the following pairs is correct ?
(a) Kathak__ karnataka
(b) Kuchipudi__Tamil Nadu
(c) Odissi__Andhra Pradesh
(d) Kathakali__Kerala

Que 13.
'Vande Matram" song is taken from which of the following books ?
(a) Karambhoomi
(b) Gitanjali
(c) Anandmath
(d) Bharat-Bharati

Ques 14.
Which of the following is not a work of Kalidasa ?
(a) Kadambari
(b) Meghdoot
(c) Shakuntala
(d) Raghuvamsa

Ques 15.
The sport with which Vishwanthan Anand  is associated 
(a) Billiards
(b) Chess
(c) Table Tennis
(d) Badminton

Ques 16.
Swami Vivekananda was the disciple of :
(a)Raja Rammohun Raoy
(b) Swami dayanand Saraswati
(c) Shri Aurobindo
(d) Ramkrishn 'Parmhansa'

Ques 17.
Identify the wrong pair ?
(a) Michacle  Faraday -Dynamo
(b) Galileo__Microscope
(c) Grahm Bell__Telephone
(d) Toriculli__Barometer

Ques 18.
Elections are held for selection of one third members of Rajya Sabha after Every
(a)Two years
(b) Three Years
(c) Four years
(d) Six years

Ques 19.
'HIV' virus causes
(a) AIDS
(b) Cancer
(c) Viral fever
(d) Tuberculosis

 Ques 20.
Which physical force is used to Separate cream from milk ?
(a) Gravitational force
(b) Frictional Force
(c) Centripetal Force
(d) Centrifugal Force

Ques 21.
Nelson Mandela was the President of which country ?
(a) Ethiopia
(b) Zambia
(c) Ghana
(d) South Africa

Ques 22.
Science of treatment of ,muscular and skeletal system is known as :
(a) Odontology
(b) ophthalmology
(c) Paediatrics
(d) Orthopaedics

Ques 23.
What is the middle unit in the  three-tier Panchayati Raj System ?
(a) Gram Panchayat
(b) Zilla Parishad
(c) Union Board
(d) Panchayat Samiti

Ques 24.
Which of the following plants does not bear fruits produces seeds ?
(a) Sugarcane
(b) Cashew nut
(c) Cycas
(d) Almond

Ques 25.
Medicine used for reducing fever is 
(a) paracetamol
(b) Diazepam
(c) Brufen
(d) Aspirin

Ques 26.
The American independence was recognised by
(a) Treaty of pairs
(b)Treaty of London
(c) Treaty of Versailles
(d) missouri Compromise

Ques 27.
The Unification of italy was largely achieved by
(a) Bismarck
(b) Garibaldi
(c) San Martin
(d) lenin

Ques 28.
The First Session of the Indian National Congress was held in :
(a) New Delhi
(b) Hyderabad
(c) Bombay
(d) Calcutta 

Ques 29.
The Second World War came to an end on
(a) 14.08.1945
(b) 07.08.1945
(c) 09.08.1945
(d) 07.09.1945

Ques 30.
Which of the following does not have veto power in Security Council ?
(a) Russia
(b) USA
(c) Germany
(d) France

Ques 31.
Kharif Crop is
(a) Wheat
(b) Gram
(c) Mustard
(d) Rice

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