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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (12.04.2016) - 2nd Shift

Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

1) Who wrote Book To Kill a Mocking Bird?
Ans: Harper Lee
2) What is the World’s Poisonous Fish?
Ans: Stone Fish
3) Where the Borobudur Temple located in?
Ans: Indonesia
4) Which is called black gold?
Ans: Coal
5) Which pair is the Australian Open women’s double winner, 2016?
Ans: Martina Hingis & Sania Mirza
6) Who is the Baba atomic research director?
Ans: Sekhar Basu
7) Who was the first and last female ruler of Delhi Sultanate?
Ans: Razia Sultana
8) Who is Nargis Dutt?
Ans: Indian film actress
9) World Heritage Day?
Ans: 18th April
10) Dipa Karmakar is Related to?
Ans: Gymnastics (Sports)
11) Which Prime Minister hoisted flag at Red Fort for the maximum times?
Ans: Jawahar Lal Nehru
12) Which Planet named after Roman God?
Ans: Venus
13) Who came after Mauryas ?
Ans: Sunga Dynasty
14) Dholavora comes under which?
Ans: Gujrat,Indus Civilization
15) Hydropower plants convert the mechanical energy into which energy?
Ans: Electrical energy
16) Who was the Captain who won First World Cup for Australia?
Ans: Allen Border
17) Who is present President of Pakistan?
Ans: Mamnoon Hussain
18) Diamond Contain Which Element?
Ans: Carbon
19) Apgar Score is test to summarise?
Ans: To Summarise Health of New Born Babies
20) What is the Chemical name of Vinegar?
Ans: Acetic Acid
21) What is T Basic?
Ans: Programming Language
22) Who is the 8th CM of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans: Kalikho Pul 
23) Jeans was First marketed by?
Ans: Lee is an American brand of denim jeans
24) Which Instrument measures Atmospheric Pressure?
Ans: Barometer
25) Golden pagoda temple of budhist is located at ?
Ans: Myanmar
26) which planet is called the hottest planet?
Ans: Venus 


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