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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (22.04.2016) - 3rd Shift

Published on Friday, April 22, 2016

1) PM Narendra Modi meets Nawaz Sharif to surprise him at his Birthday at?
Ans: Pakisthan 

2) Delhi Govt bans diesel cars because they emitting?
Ans: Pollutants

3) Tooth is made up of what?
Ans: Calcium Phosphate 

4) Ginger is one of the examples of?
Ans: Underground stem 

5) In IPL Suresh Raina and M S Dhoni played for?
Ans: Rajkot and Pune 

6) Mary Kom belongs to which state?
Ans: Manipur 

7) Gagan Narang and Abhinav Bindra belongs to which sports?
Ans: Shooting 

8) Cartosat which takes photos of Uttarakhand floods is a?
Ans: Remote sensing satellite 

9) First satellite of India sent towards lunars is?
Ans: Chandrayaan I 

10) The process of coating on the surface of a metal with zinc is called
Ans: Galvanisation 

11) The scientist who got Nobel Prize on malaria is
Ans: Sir Ronald Ross 

12) ELISA is the test for AIDS but it is caused by virus
Ans: HIV 

13) Secularism means
Ans: is a principle that involves two basic propositions 

14) How many amendment in Indian Constitution?
Ans: 100 

15) Who is CEO of Google?
Ans: Sundar Pichai 

16) Indira Point is located at? 
Ans :Andaman 

17) Cursor moved on screen with help of ?
Ans: Mouse 

18) Which national park has worlds two thirds one horned rhinos?
Ans: Kaziranga 

19) Pascal is the unit of?
Ans: Pressure 

20) Qutub Minar built in which dynasty?
A: Mamluk or Slave Dynasty 

21) Which is the biggest nuclear plant in India?
Ans: Tarapur Atomic Power Station 

22) Bulb filament is made from which metal?
Ans: Tungsten 

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