GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (22.04.2016) - 2nd Shift

1) Where is first Jute mill located?
Ans: Rishra, on the River Hooghly near Kolkata

2) What is study of genetics called as?
Ans: Genetics

3) What is Nanotechnology?
Ans: is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale

4) Satish Dhawan Space centre is located at which state?
Ans: Sriharikota

5) Present Commerce and industry minister of India?
Ans: Nirmala Sitharaman

6) What is official language of Afghanistan?
Ans: Afghani

7) Which metal for Galvanisation of Iron?
Ans: Zinc

8) Where is the Bhimbetka Rock shelters are located at?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

9) What is the formula of Common salt?
A: NaCl

10) Canada’s first space telescope is ?

11) Which among river is in Triveni Sangamam?
Ans: Yamuna & Ganges

12) Which gas is used for flushing potato chips packets?
Ans: Nitrogen

13) Roger Federer belong to?
Ans: Switzerland

14) Hubble Space telescope belong to which country?
Ans: USA

15) Which hollywood actor going to work with rajnikant in upcoming movie?
Ans: Arnold Schwarzenegger 

16) which among was not included in fundamental right?
Ans: Right of Property

17) AIDS NOT transmitted from which of the following?
Ans: Malarial Parasite

18) Mouma Das is related to _____.
Ans: Table Tennis

19) Biggest constitution in World?
Ans: India

20) S.Subramanyam related to which instrument?
Ans: Flute

21) .css file related to?
Ans: html


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