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Static GK Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway - Part 16 (26 Questions)

Published on Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Ques 1.
The river which flows between Vindhya and Satpura ranges is 
(a) Narmada
(b) Tapti
(c) Mahanadi
(d)  Godavari

Ques 2.
Ozone can be detected by Using
(a) Na
(b) Ag
(c) Hg
(d) Ar

Ques 3.
Zurich, which is known as the financial capital of Europe, is situated in which country ?
(a) Switzerland
(b)  France
(c) Italy
(d) The Netherlands
(e) None of these

Ques 4.
National Dairy Research Institute is located at which of the following places ?
(a) Karnal
(b) Ghaziabad
(c) Baroda
(d) Patiala
(d) None of these

Ques 5.
The largest reserve of 'Sal' forests is found in 
(a) Dehradun Valley
(b) Nilgiri  Hills
(c) the Aravallis
(d) Eastern peninsula

Ques 6.
Which of the follwing is the capital of United Arab Emirates ?
(a) Sharjah
(b) Dubai
(c) Abu Dhabi
(d) Ras-al-Khaimah
(e) None of these'

Ques 7.
Which of the following is the German Airline ?
(a) Lufthansa
(b) Transworld Airline
(c) Aeroflot
(d) Cathay Pacific
(e) United Airlines

Ques 8.
The Science dealing with  the production, control and application of very low temperatures is known as 
(a) Cryogenics
(b) Iconography 
(c) Osteology
(d) Ethology
(e) Cytology

Ques 9.
Lunishree , a high yielding seed, is a variety of 
(a) rice
(b) wheat
(c) groundnut
(d) pea
(e) potato

Ques 10.
Manipur is located on the  border of which country ?
(a) Pakistan
(b) Nepal
(c) Bhutan
(d) Bangladesh
(e) Myanmar

Ques 11.
The change of season on earth is caused by  which of the following ?
(a) The earth rotating on its own axis
(b) The Moon revolving around the Earth
(c) The Earth revolving around the sun
(d) The sun rotating on its own axis
(e) None of the above

Ques 12.
Which of the following is the currency of Italy ?
(a) Dollar
(b) Shilling
(c)  Rial
(d) Euro
(e) None of these

Ques 13.
The Headquarters of SAARC is located in  which city ?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Colombo
(c) Islamabad
(d) Kathmandu
(e) None of these

Ques 14.
Which of the following plants/institutes of Indian Railways is located at Kapurthala ?
(a) Wheel and Axle Plant
(b) Institute of Rail Transport
(c) Rail Coach Factory
(d) Diesel Locomotive Works
(e) None of the above

Ques 15.
Sitara Devi is a meastro of which of the following dance forms ?
(a) Odissi
(b) Kathak
(c) Kuchipudi
(d) Bharatanatyam
(e) None of these

Ques 16.
The term 'Billion' is an expression of which of  the following?
(a) Ten lakhs 
(b) Ten millions 
(c) Hundred lakhs
(d) Hundred crores
(e) None of these

Ques 17.
Nine Degree Channel Separatres
(a) Daman and Diu
(a) Car Nicobar  and Great Nicobar
(c) North Andaman and South Andaman
(d) Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
(e) None of the above

Ques 18.
The study of written records and their authenticity is known as
(a) Phrenology
(b) Cytology
(c) Chronology
(d) Lexicography
(e) Philology

Ques 19.
The two destinations, Guwahati and Imphal are connected by
(a) Only Airways
(b') Only Roadways
(c) Only Airways and Roadways
(d) Only Roadways and Railways 
(e) Airways, Roadways  and Railways all

Ques 20.
The denisty of milk can be measured by which of the following  ?
(a) Pyrometer
(b) Salinometer
(c) Lectometer
(d) Calorimeter
(e) None of these

Ques 21.
Which of the following Food items is not a source of Vitamin C?
(a) Potato
(b) Mango
(d) Carrot
(e) Orange

Ques 22.
The parliament of Japan is Known as
(a) Diet
(b)  Althing
(c) Federal Assembly
(d) Senate
(e) Cortes

Ques 23.
Which of the following is the currency  of Saudi Arabia ?
(a) Dollar
(b) Rial
(c) Dinar
(d) Kroner
(e) None of these

Ques 24.
Article 45 of the Indian Constitution is related to which of the following provisions?
(a) Free and compulsory education for all children till they complete the age of 14
(b) Safeguard of the interests of the minorities
(c) Reservation for SCs and STs  in Government jobs
(d) Nomination of members to the parliament from the Ango-Indian Community .
(e) None of the above

Ques 25.
Soils of Western Rajasthan have a high content of
(a) Aliuminium
(b) Calcium
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Phosphorus

Ques 26.
Sports Day is celebrated every year on August 29 in honour  of
(a)Dhyan CHand , The Hockey Wizard
(b) Vijay Merchant , the famous Cricket Player
(c) Mihir Sen, the first Indian to swim across the English Channel
(d) All the sportsmen who brought honour  to  the country in the field of sports
(e) None of these
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