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Vocabulary Bites Part 16 : With Pictorial Explanation

Published on Monday, April 04, 2016

1. Indict

    Definition: Accuse or charge one of fault, crime.
    Usage: Perhaps due to the violent exterior of the accused the jury appeared ready to indict him even before even listening to the defense.

2. Addle

   Definition: Confuse, bewilder, rot.
   Usage: It was the defense lawyer's strategy to addle the witness so that he would forget his pre rehearsed speech and tell the truth. 

3. Advent

   Definition: Start of an era or age.
   Usage: The advent of the IT era has brought about revolutionary changes in the Indian economy. 

4. Advert

    Definition: Make reference to.
    Usage: She thought he was none too sure of the issue as he adverted to his notes frequently. 

5. Aggrandize

    Definition: Multiply wealth, assets, riches.
    Usage: The young scion justified his ancestry when it came to business decisions and managed to aggrandize the company's profits considerably. 

6. Amok

   Definition: In a state of rage.
   Usage: The sudden noise and fireworks caused the cattle to run amok and charge in all directions. 

7. Annotate

    Definition: Make a comment on.
    Usage: A promotional documentary was made to annotate the bigger message behind the film which drew parallels between drama and real life. 

8. Bandy

    Definition: Used frequently in casual talk or idea in turn.
    Usage: You cannot hold a conversation with them unless you are able to bandy ideas on all topics as nothing is serious or sacrosanct in their vocabulary. 

9. Throes

    Definition: Violent pains, especially at the moment of death.
    Usage: In the throes of pain she could hardly make out who had rescued her or what was happening around her.

10. Bellicose

      Definition: Violent, quarrelsome.
      Usage: The parents warned their child to stay away from the bully as his bellicose nature always created unfriendly and tense situations. 

11. Pith

      Definition: Choicest or the essential part of an idea or experience.
      Usage: When surfing the internet for information one needs to segregate the superfluous from the pith. 

12. Daunting

      Definition: To make someone feel nervous and less confident about doing something.
      Usage: The height of the mountain will daunt all but the most experienced climbers. 

13. Zenith

      Definition: The strongest or most successful period of time | The highest point reached in the sky by the sun, moon, etc.
       Usage: The sun reaches its zenith at midday.

14. Detrimental

      Definition: Causing damage or harm; injurious.
      Usage: I cannot understand this as I cannot see any detrimental effect on the carp. 

15. Impelled

      Definition: To cause (someone) to feel a strong need or desire to do something.
      Usage: Hunger impelled the boy to steal. 

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