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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 29) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Definition : having emotions or desires that are not allowed to be expressed | not expressed openly
Usage : when Tina saw the A on her history paper she couldn't repress her delight.


Definition:  in which you spend a lot of time sitting down | that stay and live in the same place or area
Usage:  The man broke his leg and became sedentary because he wasn't able to walk around


Definition:  to damage or spoil the quality of something or the opinion that people have of someone or something
Usage :The exhaust of the cars will taint the air


Definition:  behaving toward other people as if you think you are better than they are
Usage : His manner is supercilious and arrogant. 


Definition:  to think, talk, or write about a happy time in your past
Usage:  Megan would reminisce about her time at camp last summer


Definition:  small and unimportant
Usage:  Michael spends all day doing piddling little jobs.


Definition:  extremely small
Usage : Mineral substances present in infinitesimal amounts in the soil


Definition:  not willing to accept defeat, even in a difficult situation
Usage : The new teacher has indomitable optimism and a can-do spirit.


Definition:  to take a firm hold of someone or something and struggle with them to try hard to find a solution to a problem
Usage: He grappled desperately with Holmes for control of the weapon.


Definition: to behave in a friendly manner, especially toward someone that you are not supposed to be friendly with
Usage:  It seems that the president of the company could not comfortably fraternize with other people in the company


Definition:  cheerful and confident about the future
Usage:  After the death of their beloved coach the team was not sanguine about the upcoming season.


Definition: to make something stronger, more active, or more healthy
Usage:  A good watering revitalized the plants in the yard.


Definition: Characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits
Usage: A quirky sense of humor


Definition:  a person of learning
Usage: Jack was considered a savant in the fields of Egyptology.


Definition:  1) success in achieving something
2) something that you achieved
Usage:  Her scientific attainments have made her quite well-known in the field of biology.

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