Cloze Test for SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam

There are quite a few people in the world who are fat and are (1).These people are (2) to several kinds of illness. Medical advice to these people is to (3) their weight. But it is found  difficult to follow this (4) in its totality.

(5) who want to reduce weight must drink about a glass full of water, of maximum bearable warmth before (6). The gulping should be done (7). Very soon, these people will find their weight coming down  by four or five kilograms.
Warm water (8) all the glands and secretions in the stomach, and they in turn let the food eaten be digested well. The person gets the (9) out of the nourishment. It also reduces the intake of (10) because it eliminates incomplete assimilation of food.
(a) underweight
(b) overweight
(c) physically fit
(d) thin
(e) emaciated

(a) susceptible
(b) unsusceptible
(c) safe
(d) unsafe
(e) cured

(a) increase
(b) reduce
(c) keep constant
(d) ignore
(e) none of these

(a) command
(b) order
(c) advice
(d) vice
(e) command and order

(a) dogs
(b) cats
(c) pigs
(d) people
(e) women

(a) working
(b) dancing
(c) singing
(d) writing
(e) eating

(a) slowly
(b) gradually
(c) rarely
(d) quickly
(e) lazily

(a) endangers
(b) activates
(c) revitalises
(d) discourages
(e) disgusts

(a) least
(b) nothing
(c) nominal
(d) most
(e) something

(a) oxygen
(b) bear
(c) whisky
(d) food
(e) gin

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