General Awareness Quiz - Set 6

1. Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in Vehicles?
a) Parabolic
b) Convex
c) Concave
d) Plain 

2. At which particular place on earth are days and nights of equal length always?
a) Prime Meridian
b) Poles
c) Equator
d) Nowhere 

3. Khajuraho temples are associated with
a) Hinduism
b) Jainism
c) Buddhism
d) Zorostrianism 

4. “Operation Flood” refers to
a) Flood Control
b) Increasing production of consumer goods
c) Milk production
d) Nuclear warfare control 

5. The old name of Indonesia was
a) Dahomey
b) Dutch East Indies
c) Dutch Guiana
d) Dutchonesia 

6. Who invented dynamite?
a) Alfred Nobel
b) Marie and Pierre Curie
c) James Watt
d) Thomas Alva Edison 

7. ‘Grand Slam’ in Tennis consists of which of the following combinations?
a) Wimbledon, French Open, Italian Open, Australian Open
b) Wimbledon, Australian Open, Japan Open, US Open
c) Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open
d) Wimbledon, South Africa Open, French Open

8. Who is the first Indian Woman to scale Mount Everest?
a) Asha Agrawal
b) Bachendri Pal
c) Arti Gupta
d) PT Usha 

9. The award ‘Spirit of Freedom’ is associated with
a) Music
b) Literature
c) Human Rights
d) Social Services 

10. The book “Higher Than Hope” is a book on
a) Sam Nujoma
b) Robert Mugabe
c) Nelson Mandela
d) VP Singh 


1. b) Convex
2. c) Equator
3. a) Hinduism
4. c) Milk production
5. b) Dutch East Indies
6. c) James Watt
7. c) Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open
8. b) Bachendri Pal
9. c) Human Rights
10. c) Nelson Mandela 


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