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Commonly Confused Pair of Words: Test

Published on Saturday, May 07, 2016
pair of words
1. He is the right man to give a _____ view of the matter.
a. disinterested 
b. uninterested

2. This is an ______ engagement. I cannot ignore it.
a. officious
b. official

3. The records of the meeting had been _____with.
a. tampered
b. tempered

4. Recently, many Indians have _____ to western countries in search of materialistic pleasure.
a. emigrated
b. immigrated

5. I am very fond of collecting _____ objects.
a. antic
b. antique

6. Do you have ________ to say in the matter?
a. aught
b. ought

7. The chocolate cake is very _______.
a. delightful
b. delicious

8. He is at ______ to go wherever he wants.
a. freedom
b. liberty

9. It was a _______ remark, please do not take it seriously.
a. casual
b. causal

10. Please, _______ Roshni while she is crossing the road.
a. attend
b. escort

11. He owns a large _____ near Delhi.
a. form
b. farm

12. Sumeet is extremely _____about his sister.
a. protective
b. protection

13. India spends a huge amount on the import of _______oil.
 a. edible
b. eatable

14. Lebanon is passing through a ________ period.
a. cataclysmic
b. catalystic

15. Coffee is a _______ drink
a. stimulus
b. stimulant

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