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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 42) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Saturday, May 07, 2016


Definition to happen at the same time or to move at the same speed as something; to make something do this
Usage The dancers practiced until they synchronized their movements.


Definition to officially leave an organization of states, countries, etc. and become independent
Usage During the U.S. Civil War many Southern states wanted to secede from the Union


Definition 1) feeling happy about something
2) happy or willing to do something
Usage They're pleased to be going home.


Definition quiet, gentle, and always ready to do what other people want without expressing your own opinion
Usage I was too meek to tell her that I wouldn't be able to do it


Definition extremely large or impressive, especially greater or better than you expect
Usage There are always many who envy a person with stupendous wealth


Definition  to repeat something that you have already said, especially to emphasize it
Usage I reiterate the fact that we don't have a strong army


Definition 1) something that is different from another thing
2) a difference between people or things that are being compared
3) the act of comparing people or things to show the differences between them
Usage Careful contrast of the twins shows some differences.


Definition a feeling that something is going to happen, especially something unpleasant
Usage I had a premonition that I would never see her again.


Definition different from what is normal or expected
Usage When the results of a test are anomalous the procedure is usually repeated.


Definition to calculate something
Usage The accountant computed the amount of taxes due.


Definition 1) a type of entertainment in a field or park at which people can ride on large machines and play games to win prizes
2) public festival, usually one that happens at a regular time each year, that involves music and dancing in the streets, for which people wear brightly colored clothes
3) an exciting or brightly colored mixture of things
Usage The children enjoyed all of the rides at the summer carnival.


Definition 1) a movement away from a place or an enemy because of danger or defeat
2) an act of trying to escape from a particular situation to one that you think is safer or more pleasant
3) an act of changing a decision because of criticism or because a situation
4) a quiet, private place that you go to in order to get away from your usual life
5) a period of time when someone stops their usual activities and goes to a quiet place for prayer, thought, etc.; an organized event when people can do this
Usage You might as well reconcile yourself to your servitude. No one's coming to save you.


Definition 1) very active, determined, or full of energy
2) strong and healthy
Usage She remained vigorous into her nineties.


Definition 1) saying or doing the same thing many times, so that it becomes boring
2) repeated many times
Usage She left the job because the work was too repetitive.


Definition 1) less important than something else
2) happening as a result of something else
3) connected with teaching children of 11-18 years
Usage Refugee problems remained of secondary importance.

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