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Fill in the Blanks : Common Errors with Explanations

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2016
fill in the blanks

Direction :-

Fill up the blanks in the following sentences from the responses (a),(b),(c) and (d).

1. Can I stay ______ the week end?
a. until
b. by
c. for
d. off

2. You are very patient_____ me.
a. towards
b. to
c. for
d. with

3. Why are you  talking _____ such a high voice.
a. with
b. in
c. by
d. no preposition needed

4. He walked ______ the room, smiling strangely.
a. in
b. around
c. across
d. over

5. It's a good idea to agree _____ the boss most of the time.
a. on
b. with
c. about
d. to

6. The whole _____ city was burning.
 a. of
b. about
c. for
d. no preposition needed

7. She was standing laughing ________ a crowd of journalists.
a. among
b. between
c. in
d. with

8. I do not like to see people _____ the nights when I have been working late.
a. over
b. in
c. on
d. no preposition needed

9. Let us picnic _____ that field over there.
a. over
b. in
c. on
d. at

10. Sometimes, I dream ______ running away to a desert island.
a. about
b. to
c. of
d. from

Answers :-

1. (a) Until is used when we talk about a continuing situation or state that will stop at a certain moment in the future.

2.(d) With is used after a number of adjectives which say how people behave to others.

3. (b) In is usually used to refer to articles of clothing, kinds of voice, and writing instruments.

4. (c) When the movement is in a three-dimensional space, across is used.

5. (b) One agrees with a person.

6. (d) The whole of comes before articles, possessives, etc.

7. (a) Among is used with a mass, a crowd or a group; a collection of things which we do not see separately.

8. (c) If we say which morning, afternoon, etc. we are thinking of, or if we describe the morning, afternoon, etc., on is used.

9. (b) In is used for position on a surface with a wall, fences, etc. around it.

10. (c) When we use dream in the sense of imagination or of thinking about things that probably would not happen, the preposition is usually of.

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