General Awareness Quiz - Set 11

1. Dinosaur is a/an
a) Fish
b) Amphibian
c) Reptile
d) Bird
2. Three European cities viz, Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna, are located on the banks of the river
a) Danube
b) Rhine
c) Rhone
d) Volga
3. Iodine in alcohol is known as
a) quick lime
b) tincture iodine
c) rectified spirit
d) none of these
4. "My Land and My People"is the work of
a) Khushwat Singh
b) Bal Thackeray
c) Dalai Lama
d) John Major
5. Who, among the following rulers, organised the Second Buddhist Assembly?
a) Ajatashatru
b) Kalasoka
c) Ashoka
d) Ananda
6. The famous Mahamakam Festival at Kumbakonam(Tamil Nadu) occurs once in
a) 3 years
b) 6 years
c) 4 years
d) 12 years
7. Analgin, which is used to relieve pain and bring down temperature, is on
a) analgesic
b) antibiotic
c) antihistamine
d) antipyretic
8. IC Chips for computers are usually made of
a) chromium
b) gold
c) silicon
d) lead
9. Insulin is produced is the human body by the
a) heart
b) kidney
c) liver
d) pancreas
10. An apiary is a place for keeping
a) Birds
b) bees
c) squirrels
d) monkeys


1.c) Reptile
2.a) Danube
3.b) tincture iodine
4.c) Dalai Lama
5.b) Kalasoka
6.d) 12 years
7.a) analgesic
8.d) silicon
9.d) pancreas
10.b) bees


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