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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 58) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Definition A maneuver in a game or conversation
Usage The stratagem worked and the battle was won.


Definition to remove or get rid of something such as a name or memory from a book or list or from your mind
Usage Details of his criminal activities were expunged from the file.


Definition to officially end a law, an agreement, etc.
Usage Nelson Mandela was the anti apartheid champion whose government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid through abrogation of institutionalised racism poverty and inequality and fostering racial reconciliation


Definition lacking wit or imagination or excitement
Usage The prosaic play bereft of any excitement or emotion could not hold its bored audience.


Definition See in one's mind
Usage Architecture as a profession demands the skill of envisioning a building in its ambience even before venturing into the sketches.


Definition Incapable of being defended or justified
Usage The lawyer told his client that if he did not tell him the entire truth any defence that he adopted would fail and make his position more untenable.


Definition the principles or reasons that explain a particular decision, course of action, belief, etc.
Usage The rationale was that faster ferries would reduce traffic but no one considered the problem of the higher wakes.


Definition showing great energy and enthusiasm for something, especially because you feel strongly about it
Usage The young boy was zealous about his first day of school


Definition Possessed of clarity of expression
Usage After hearing her perspicuous presentation on the rather abstract theme nobody could say that she was given to speaking little.


Definition to provide evidence or information that supports a statement, theory, etc.
Usage Many students can corroborate the finding that if you have others do your lessons for you you will learn nothing.


Definition skillful and smart, especially in dealing with people
Usage He is an exceptionally adroit pianist


Definition 1) sexual power in men
2) strength or energy
Usage Children are considered a proof of a man's virility.


Definition a sudden event that causes many people to suffer | an event that causes one person or a group of people personal suffering, or that makes difficulties
Usage The plane slowly landed to avoid a catastrophe


Definition a cruel and violent act, especially in a war
Usage The evil witch performed one atrocity after another.


Definition having or showing an understanding of people's needs, a situation, etc. that is not based on old-fashioned attitudes and prejudice
Usage He should be remembered as an enlightened and humane reformer.
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