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Idioms/Phrases : Picked from Previous Paper's RC's

Published on Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Each of the following idioms/ phrases has four responses (a), (b), (c), and (d). Tick mark the response which gives the correct meaning of the idiom/phrase.

1. Over the head
a. above the comprehension
b. on top
c. at the height
d. too height

2. To serve put
a. to shock
b. to retaliate
c. to capture
d. to defeat

3. Working against time
a. out of tune
b. improper time
c. with utmost speed
d. with irritation

4.By fits and starts
a. annoying
b. angrily
c. irregularly
d. harshly

5. Talking to heart
a. feeling lost
b. grieving
c. retaining in memory
d. being hurt

6. Keeping up appearances
a. looking tidy
b. maintaining ties
c. keeping an outward show
d. behaving friendly

7. To be led by the nose
a. to be delayed
b. to be punished
c. to follow submissively
d. to be dull

8. To a nicety
a. exactly
b. beautifully
c. properly
d. homely

9. A wild goose chase
a. a tiring race
b. a fruitless search
c. a wild hunt
d. a flower hunt

10. To read between the lines
a. to read very fast
b. to read vague meanings
c. to infer
d. to find out hidden meaning

11. To meet one half-way
a. to meet a person on the way
b. to come to a compromise with one
c. a half-hearted agreement
d. to apologize

12. To hold water
a. a stand-still situation
b. to stop the flow of water
c. to stand scrutiny
d. to influence

13. A wolf in sheep's clothing
a. a hypocrite
b. a wolf in woolen clothes
c. a coward
d. a proud man

14. To have an old head on young shoulders
a. to have grey hair
b. to be wise beyond one's years
c. a braggart
d. a person with too much responsibility

15. Ended in smoke
a. came to nothing
b. burnt up
c. a dead man
d. a quarrel which is settled later


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