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Reasoning Quiz : Puzzles For SBI Clerical 2016

Published on Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Set 1.

Arvind, Nayan, Mayank, Rohit, Jai, Varun, Sumit and David are eight friends sitting around a circular table. Two of them are not facing the centre. All of them like different types of Automobile brands viz.
Mahindra, Porsche, Hyundai, TVS, Fiat, Rolls Royce, Maruti and Opel, but not necessarily in the same order. Rohit and Mayank are sitting third and second to the left of Arvind respectively. Rohit and Sumit are neighbours of Nayan,who likes Fiat and facing outside.
Sumit is sitting third to the right of Arvind who is facing outside and likes Mahindra. David is third to the right of Jai and likes Maruti. Arvind and Davind are not the neighbour of that person who likes Rolls Royce. Varun does not like Hyundai and TVS. The person who likes Opel is sitting opposite of Jai, who is not an immediate neighbour of TVS. An immediate neighbour of Summit likes Rolls Royce.

1. The person who is sitting second to the right of Arvind likes which of the following automobile brand?

1) Mahindara 
2) Rolls Royce 
3) Porsche 
4) Opel
5) Other than given options

2. Who among the following likes TVS?

1) Nayan 
2) Mayank 
3) Rohit 
4) David
5) Other than given options

3. What is the position of Varun with respect to Arvind?

1) Immediate left 
2) Second to the right 
3) Immediate right 
4) Cannot be determined
5) Other than given options

4. If Sumit is immediate right of Nayan then in the same way who among the following sits third to the right of Nayan?

1) Mayank 
2) Jai 
3) David 
4) Varun
5) Other than given options

5. How many person sit between the person who likes Mahindra and the one who likes Hyundai (count in clockwise direction starting from Hyundai)?

1) Two 
2) One 
3) None 
4) Three 
5) Four

6. Which of the following statements is true?

1) Mayank is the neighbour of Rohit and Nayan
2) Arvind likes Hyundai and faces outside the centre
3) Sumit likes Mahindra and does not face inside the centre.
4) All are true
5) None is true

Set 2.

A newspaper sought the help of a psychologist to solve psychological problems of the readers. Among the readers. Jai,Gaurav, Jumman, Nawal, Bibhuti are the five persons who are victims of different types of problems and residing in different towns. Each one is not afflicted with the problem for the same number of years.

One of them is afflicted with the problem for three years and another for seven years. Jai resides in Faizabad. He has been afflicted with a psychological problem (which is older than the problem of the person who is afflicted with agoraphobia) for the last five year.

Nawal has been afflicted with aerophobia for several years but not less than three years. But he does not reside in Mumbai. The person who resides in Raipur is afflicted with acrophobia for ten years. But he is not Jumman. Gaurav has been facing the problem for several years but not more years than the person who resides in Danapur. Jumman has been afflicted with monophobia for the last eight years. Gaurav resides in Maisur. Jai is afflicted with nyctophobia.

7. Who resides in Raipur?

1) Bibhuti 
2) Jumman 
3) Gaurav 
4) Cannot be determined
5) Other than given options

8. One who is afflicted with acrophobia has been suffering from for how many years?

1) Eight 
2) Seven 
3) Six 
4) Ten 
5) Other than given options

9. One who is afflicted with nyctophobia resides in which town?

1) Faizabad 
2) Raipur 
3) Mumbai
4) Cannot be determined 
5) Other than given options

10. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true?

I. Gaurav is the person residing in Mumbai
II. Jumman has been suffering from monophobia for the last eight years.

1) Only I 
2) Both I and II 
3) Only II
4) Neither I nor II 
5) Either I or II

11. Who resides in Mumbai?

1) Jai 
2) Nawal 
3) Gaurav 
4) Bibhuti 
5) Jumman

Answers :

1. 2   
2. 3   
3. 3 
4. 4    
5. 5     
6. 5

set 1

7. 1    
8. 4.     
9. 1    
10. 3    
11. 5
set 2


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