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Sports Quiz for SSC CGL Exam

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2016
ssc cgl
1. Which of the  following games is /are said to have Indian origin ?
(a) Chess
(b) Polo
(c) Playing Cards
(d) All of these

2. India First part in the Olympic games in  the year:
(a) 1900
(b) 1920
(c) 1932
(d) 1954

3. Sir Dorabji Tata is the founding president of  which of the following sports association in India ?
(a) Badminton Association of India
(b) Indian Olympic Association
(c)  Archery Association of india
(d) Indian Amateur Boxing federation

4. India made her debut in Olympic football at :
(a) Helsinki In 1952
(b) Melbourne  in 1956
(c) London in 1948
(d) Tokyo in 1964

5. First Olympic Games were held in :
(a) 776 B.C.
(b) 798 B.C.
(c)  876 B.C,
(d) 898 B.C.

6.The first Indian woman to reach Olympic finals In individual track events was :
(a) P.T. Usha
(b)  Shiny Abraham
(c) Aaiti saha
(d) M.D. Valsamma

7. India won the last Hockey Olympic Gold in ?
(a) 2000, Sydney
(b)  1996, Atlanta
(c) 1980, Moscow
(d) 1972 , Munich

8. Who was the host county of 2014 Soccer World Cup ?
(a) Japan
(b) Brazil
(c) Russia
(d)  England

9.FIFA World Cup 2018would be held in
(a) Russia
(b) Qatar
(c) France
(d) Netherlands

10. Tejaswini Sawant is the First Indian woman to be crowned world Champion in
(a) Athletics
(b) Boxing
(c) Shooting
(d) Wresting

11. What can be the maximum length of a Cricket bat ?
(a) 32”
(b) 34”
(c) 36”
(d) 38”

12. Which of these international tennis events is played on a grass court ?
(a) US open
(b) French Open
(c)  Wimbeldon
(d) Australian Open

13. Who has taken maximum wickets in one- day  internationals ?
(a) Shane Warne
(b) Mutthiah Muralitharan
(c) Kapil  Dev
(d)  Wasim Akram

14. The headquarters of International Olympic Committee is at:
(a) Lausanne
(b) Moscow
(c) Los Angeles
(d) New York

15. The winter Olympic came into being in:
(a) 1912
(b) 1916
(c) 1920
(d) 1924

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