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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 61) : Learn New Words Quickly


Definition a close attentiveness to avoiding danger | suitability for bringing about a desired result under the circumstances | the ability to make intelligent decisions especially in everyday matters
Usage A prudent investor does not seek unrealistic returns or overnight fortunes


Definition not certain because people can have different ideas and opinions about the thing being discussed
Usage Without sufficient research and testing the results of the experiment are highly debatable


Definition the appearance of being true or real
Usage She recounted a verisimilar tale and had the audience actually picturing the whole drama in their minds.


Definition sticky and slimy
Usage The honey turned even more viscid in the cold


Definition to show something you are proud of to other people, in order to impress them
Usage The proud bride-to-be was eager to flaunt her beautiful diamond to all her friends


Definition more than you need or want
Usage The Internet would be superfluous if students wrote their own sentences.


Definition full of anger and hatred
Usage The newspaper launched a vitriolic attack on the president.


Definition 1) peace and agreement
2) the fact of having the same number, gender, or person
Usage Living in concord with people of different races and religions


Definition without money, food, and the other things necessary for life | lacking something
Usage Though many students in the class were from rich families some were so poor they would be considered destitute


Definition suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future
Usage The dark clouds in the sky looked ominous.


Definition the process by which people or things are spread over a wide area
Usage "population dispersion"


Definition not pleasant
Usage Thousands braved the inclement weather last week.


Definition not done or made well or with skill
Usage The decision to invest more money in the sick manufacturing unit was considered an amateurish move on the part of the seasoned businessman.


Definition a secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful or illegal
Usage The noblemen planned a deadly conspiracy against the king and would later put it into action


Definition the act of taking part with another person in a crime
Usage The detective told Maria that Sara was suspected of complicity in the crime.
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