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Blood Relation Test for SBI PO Pre Exam

Ques 1.

P's father is Q's son .M is the paternal uncle of P and N is the brother of Q .How is N related to M?
(a) Brother
(b) Nephew
(c) Cousin
(d) Data inadequate
(e) None of the above
Ans 1. None of the above

Ques 2.

B is the husband of P. Q is the only grandson of E, Who is wife of D and mother - in-law of P. How is B related to D?
(a) Cousin
(b) Son -in-law
(c) Son
(d) Nephew
(e) None of these
Ans 2.  Son 

Ques 3.

A retiring President was asked who would succeed him as head of the firm , and he replied ,"The father of my successor is my father's son, but I have no brothers or sons."Who will succeed him ?
(a) Himself
(b) His nephew
(c) his Daughter
(d) His sister
Ans 3.  His Daughter

Ques 4.

Looking at a portrait, a man said ,"That man's father is my father's son. Brothers and Sisters I have none." At whose portrait was the man looking ?
(a) His own
(b) His son's
(c) His father's
(d) His uncle's
Ans 4.  His son's

Ques 5.

Pointing to the lady in the photograph , Seema said, "Her son's father is the son-in-law of my mother." How is Seema related to the lady?
(a) Sister
(b) Mother
(c) Cousin
(d) Aunt
Ans 5. Sister

Ques 6.

Kailash pointing towards an old man said," His son is my son's Uncle." How is kailash related to the old man?
(a) Brother
(b) Uncle
(c) Father
(d) Grandfather
Ans 6.  Father

Ques 7.

Pointing to a man, Rohit said,"His son is my son's uncle." How is the man related to Rohit?
(a) Father
(b) Grandfather
(c) Uncle
(d) Brother
Ans 7.  Father

Ques 8.

Rashmi is Ram's mother's daughter's daughter. What is her relationship to Ram?
(a) Aunt
(b) Daughter-in-law
(c) Friend
(d) Niece
Ans 8.  Niece

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