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Static GK Quiz : Part - 51

Published on Saturday, June 25, 2016
static gk
1. Which one of the following is NOT a capital market instrument?
a. Debentures
b. Shares
c. Public Sector Bonds
d. Treasury Bill

2. What is Nikkei?
a. Index of share prices in Tokyo Stock Exchange
b. Japan's currency
c. name of a Japanese Bank which incurred huge losses recently
d. Rate of interest offered by Bank of Tokyo

3. Computerisation of Banks suggested by which of the following committees?
a. Shetty Committee
b. Tandon Committee
c. Janakiraman Committee
d. Rangarajan Committee

4. Transactions of call money is for a maximum period of
a. 3 days
b. 7 days
c. 10 days
d. 14 days

5. A gap between closure of a public issue and rights issue of a public Limited Company should normally not exceed
a. 30 days
b. 60 days
c. 90 days
d. 180 days

6. Which of the following acts as reducing agent?
a. KNo3
b. KMNO4 
c. H2SO4  
d. CO(OH)2

7. In the banks, the primary role of an Ombudsman is
a. regulation of new products and their services
b. Inspection of various branches and to stop forgery
c. To regulate the foreign exchange transactions
d. To investigate and solve the grievances of customers

8. The report known as "Vohra Report" deals with 
a. strengthening paramilitary forces to protect Indian borders
b. tightening security arrangements for VIPs
c. measures for preventing illegal arms entry into India
d. criminalisation of politics

9. Niger is famous for its
a. oil content 
b. fodder source
c. ornamental value
d. protein content

10. The common transport form of sugar in plants is
a. Glucose
b. Fructose
c. Sucrose
d. Galactose

11. Which of the following countries provides the largest volume of diamonds to the world?
a. South Africa
b. Russia
c. Australia
d. United States of America

12.Extremist Party within the Congress was pioneered by
a. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
b. Lala Lajpat Rai
c. Bipin Chandra Pal
d. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

13. SEBI is the
a. Apex body of the State Electricity Board in India
b. The regulatory authority for the capital issues and the stock exchanges in India
c. Secondary Education Board of India
d. Reserve Bank of India's Foreign exchange department

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