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Computer Quiz for SBI, IBPS and Other Exams (Set-7)

Published on Friday, June 17, 2016
1.  OCR stands for __________ .
a) Optical Character Recognition
b) Optical CPU Recognition
c) Optimal Character Rendering
d) Other Character Restoration
e) None of these

2.  If a new device is attached to a computer, such as a printer or scanner, its _________ must be installed before the device can be used.
a) buffer  
b) driver     
c) pager
d) server
e) None of these

3. Cyberspace is being governed by a system of law and regulation called?
a) Civil Law                  
b) Criminal Law
c) Electronic Law                     
d) Cyber Law
e) Cyber Authority

4.  The software that allows users to surf the Internet is called a/an

a) Search engine
b) Internet Service Provider (ISP)
c) Multimedia application
d) Browser
e) None of these

5.  A tuple is a
a) column of a table        
b) two-dimensional table
c) row of a table  
d) key of a table
e) None of these

6.  The method of file organization in which data records in a file are arranged in a specified order according to a key field is known as the

a) Direct access method
b) Queuing method
c) Predetermined method
d) Sequential access method
e) None of these

7.  Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia web pages, websites, and web-based applications?

a) COBOL           
b) Java    
d) Assembler       
e) None of these

8. Compiling creates a(n) ________ .

a) program specification 
b) algorithm
c) executable program   
d) subroutine
e) None of these

9. A CD-RW disk

a) has a faster access than an internal disk
b) is a form of optical disk, so it can only be written once
c) holds less data than a floppy disk
d) can be erased and rewritten
e) None of these

10. In Excel, ________ contains one or more worksheets.

a) Template         
b) Workbook       
c) Active cell
d) Label   
e) None of these


1. a) Optical Character Recognition
2. b) driver
3. b) Criminal Law
4. d) Browser
5. c) row of a table
6. d) Sequential access method
7. b) Java
8. c) executable program
9. d) can be erased and rewritten
10. b) Workbook


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