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General Awareness Quiz - Set - 28

Published on Friday, June 17, 2016
1. The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration is situated at
a) Dehra Dun
b) New Delhi
c) Secunderabad
d) Mussoorie

2.  The main constituent of gobor gas is
a) methane
b) nitrogen
c) carbondioxide
d) ethylene 

3. During the plague outbreak in 1994 in India, the first case was reported at
a) Suratkal
b) Surat
c) Rajkot
d) Bombay

4. Which Avtar of Vishnu tricked Mahabali and claimed earth and heaven from him?
a) Vaman
b) Narasimha
c) Matsya
d) Kurma

5. Nanded Sahib, declared a Holy City, is located in
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Bihar
c) Maharashtra
d) Uttar Pradesh

6. The world’s largest nuclear power station is located in
a) Calais (France)
b) Boston (USA)
c) Fuqu Shima (Japan)
d) Kalpakkam (India)

7. Talwandi is a holy place associated with
a) Sri Ramanuja
b) Chitanya Maha Probhu
c) Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
d) Guru Nanak

8. When an US President dies in office, the Vice-President assumes the President’s office and continues in that capacity for
a) six months
b) one year
c) two months
d) the full length of the unexpired term of office

9. Degradation of forests is caused mainly by
a) atmospheric pollution
b) soil erosion
c) over-grazing
d) all of these

10. Clove is morphologically the dried
a) seed
b) fruit
c) resin
d) unopened flower bud


1. d) Mussoorie
2. a) methane
3. b) Surat
4. a) Vaman
5. c) Maharashtra
6. c) Fuqu Shima (Japan)
7. d) Guru Nanak
8. d) the full length of the unexpired term of office
9. c) over-grazing
10. d) unopened flower bud

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