General Awareness Quiz - Set 23

1. Endangered species are
a) Dangerous for the life of humans
b) Reduced in number
c) Already extinct
d) All of these

2. Which of the following famous writers is known as Father of Snow Golf?
a) Ernest Hemingway
b) Jonathan Swift
c) William Godwin
d) Rudyard Kipling

3. Who is the highest wicket taker in IPL 2016?
a) Bhuvneshwar Kumar
b) Shane Watson
c) Mustafizur Rahman
d) Yuzvendra Chahal

4. Which day is celebrated as Civil Service Day in India?
a) 21st April
b) 23rs April
c) 29th April
d) 4th May

5. Banking Ombudsman is appointed by
c) RBI
d) None of the above

6. The general budget is usually presented on the last day of _________ every year.
a) January
b) February
c) March
d) April

7. Pig flu is caused by
a) H1N1 virus
b) H5N1 virus
c) H3N1 virus
d) H5N2 virus

8. What is the tag line of "Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana"?
a) Mera Khata Mera Naam
b) Mera Khata Bhagya Vidhata
c) Mera Khata Anna Daata
d) Mera Khata Mera Pahechan

9. Who was the first Muslim writer to make use of Hindi words and adopt Indian poetric imagery and themes?
a) Hasan Nizami
b) Amir Khusaro
c) Abul Fazal
d) Abdul Qadir Badauni

10. Who was founder of Indian Space Research Organization?
a) Vikram Sarabhai
b) Homi J. Bhabha
c) Har Gobind Khorana
d) Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar


1. b) Reduced in number
2. d) Rudyard Kipling
3. a) Bhuvneshwar Kumar
4. a) 21st April
5. c) RBI
6. b) February
7. a) H1N1 virus
8. b) Mera Khata Bhagya Vidhata
9. b) Amir Khusaro
10. a) Vikram Sarabha


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