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General Awareness Quiz - Set 32

Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
1. Which, among the following, is not a cereal?
a) Oilseeds
b) Wheat
c) Rice
d) Barley

2. Silkworm consumes

a) Mulberry Leaves
b) Flowers
c) Barks
d) Roots

3. Which of the following contains the highest protein content per gram?
a) Groundnut
b) Soyabean
c) Apple
d) Wheat

4. The bird that never makes its nest is the
a) Nightingale
b) Parrot
c) Sparrow
d) Cuckoo

5. Which, among the following animals, has the largest intestine?
a) Cow
b) Lion
c) Monkey
d) Tiger

6. Higher plants take up nitrogen as
a) Nitrites only
b) Nitrates only
c) Nitrates and Ammonia
d) Urea

7. Stripes on the bodies of animals indicate
a) mating habit
b) food habit
c) cave dwelling
d) matching of skin colour with the surroundings

8. Which, among the following, is a balanced fertilizer for plants?
a) Urea
b) Ammonium Sulphate
c) Nitrates
d) Compost

9. Milk fever in cows occurs due to lack of
a) Phosphates
b) Calcium
c) Iron
d) Iodine

10. Which, among the following, is a fast growing tree?
a) Teak
b) Eucalyptus
c) Banyan
d) Coconut


1. a) Oilseeds
2. a) Mulberry Leaves
3. b) Soyabean
4. d) Cuckoo
5. a) Cow
6. c) Nitrates and Ammonia
7. d) matching of skin colour with the surroundings
8. d) Compost
9. a) Phosphates
10. b) Eucalyptus

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