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General Awareness Quiz - Set 36

Published on Saturday, June 25, 2016
1. The Konkan Railway Project passes through three states. The states are
a) Gujrat, Goa and Maharashtra
b) Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka
c) Goa, Karnataka and Kerala
d) Goa, Karnataka and Rajasthan

2. ‘ Gita Govinda’ was written in the 12th century by
a) Bana
b) Bhartruhari
c) Jayadeva
d) Ramanuja 

3. Indus Vally Civilization is called the protohistoric civilization because its people knew
a) art
b) writing
c) copper
d) pottery 

4. The Headquarters of UNESCO is in
a) New York
b) Washington
c) Paris
d) Amsterdam 

5. Megasthenes’ “Indica” deals with the history of the
a) Guptas
b) Satavahanas
c) Cholas
d) Mouryas 

6. “Tatvabodhini Sabha” was founded by
a) Swami Vivekananda
b) Raja Rammohan Roy
c) Debendranath Tagore
d) Ramakrishna Paramhansa 

7. There are 18 High Courts in India –of them having jurisdiction over more than one State.
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) none 

8. Coagulation of blood in vessels is prevented during normal circulation by
a) heparin
b) Prothrombin
c) Plasmogen
d) thromboplastin 

9. Ozone layers absorb
a) infrared rays
b) ultraviolet rays coming from the sun
c) all radiations from the sun
d) cosmic rays 

10. The largest country in the world area wise is
a) China
b) India
c) Russia
d) the USA 


1. b) Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka
2. c) Jayadeva
3. b) writing
4. c) Paris
5. d) Mouryas
6. c) Debendranath Tagore
7. b) three
8. a) heparin
9. b) ultraviolet rays coming from the sun
10. c) Russia 

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