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GK Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Main 2016 Exam (2nd Shift) - 25.06.2016

Published on Saturday, June 25, 2016
1)  Which is the first state to launch Open Data Portal?
Ans: Sikkim
2)  July 17 is observed on?
Ans: International Criminal Justice Day

3)  Janani Seva is launched by which of the following ministry?
Ans: Ministry of Railway
4)  What is the theme of the World Environmental Day 2016?
Ans: Go Wild For Life.
5)  What is the Currency of Indonesia?
Ans: Indonesian rupiah
6)  Which three countries jointly conducted Malabar Exercise, India, US and ______.
Ans: Japan
7)  Which is the first Asian Nation to launch mission to Mars?
Ans: India
8)  Headquarters of WHO?
Ans: Geneva, Switzerland
9)  Jawahar lal Nehur Port is located at?
Ans: Mumbai
10)  According to Census 2011, which state has highest sex ratio (1044)?
Ans: Kerala
11)  Who is the author of the book “Test of My Life”?
Ans: Yuvaj Singh
12)  Barabati Stadium is located at which state?
Ans: Odisha
13) Who is the CM of Puducherry?
Ans: V. Narayanasamy
14) Phnom Penh is the  capital of?
Ans: Cambodia
15) In NACH, 'A' stands for?
Ans: Automated (NACH - National Automated Clearing House)
16) In DICGC, G stands for?
Ans: Guarantee (DICGC - Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation)
17) Gandhi Stadium located at?
Ans: Jalandhar, Punjab
18) Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport situated at?
Ans: Patna, Bihar
19) Full form of PMFBY?
Ans: Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY)
20) Headquarter of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) situated at?
Ans: Beijing China
21) Kishor maximum limit under MUDRA?
Ans: Rs 5,00,000
22) Amar Mahal is located at?
Ans: Jammu
23) West Champaran district in which district?
Ans: Bihar
24) Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to prevent based on?
Ans:  Money Laundering
25) Bhagalpur, Bihar situated?
Ans: Ganga River
26) IFSC last four digit is denotes?
Ans: Branch code
27) Full form of ARC?
Ans: Asset Reconstruction Company
28) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) authorised /initial capital?
Ans: $100 bn
29) Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary located at?
Ans: Idukki, Kerala
30) Headquarter of United Bank of India located at?
Ans: Kolkata
31) Purpose of SCORES?
Ans: It facilitates you to lodge your complaint online with SEBI and subsequently view its status
33) SETU is for start ups?
Ans: Self Employment and Talent Utilisation
34) Worlds tallest mountain?
Ans: Mount Everest (Sea Level) , Mount Kea (Height from Base)
35) Sonia Lather Singh is related to which sports?
Ans: Boxing
36) Union Agriculture Minister's constituency is?
Ans: Purvi Champaran (Bihar)
37) First Asian country to reach to mars orbit?
Ans: India
38) Finotech started payment bank with which bank?
Ans: ICICI Bank
39) Amer fort located at?
Ans: Jaipur, Rajasthan

More questions will be uploaded soon.
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