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Spot Grammatical Errors : Part 5

Published on Saturday, June 11, 2016

1. He has formed a low opinion about him, so he thinks little of him.
a. Little thinks about him
b. Thinks the little of him
c. Thinks a little of him
d. No improvement

2. He could not cope up with the heavy rush.
a. Cope with
b. Cope by
c. Cope up to
d. No improvement

3. The old man felled some trees with hardly no effort at all.
a. Hardly any effort
b. A hardly any effort
c. Hardly effort
d. No improvement

4. Tell your leader that I grant him the permission of stay in my kingdom.
a. With staying
b. To stay
c. About stay
d. For stay
e. No correction required

5. I took the cycle which he bought yesterday.
a. That which he had bought yesterday
b. That he had bought yesterday
c.  That he bought yesterday
d. No improvement

6. Mahatma Gandhi is called as the Father  of the Nation.
a. Called the Father of the Nation
b. Called Father of the Nation
c. Father of the Nation
d. No improvement

7. On basis this information the Deputy Collector took strong action.
a.  On the basis of
b. On the basis
c. On basis of
d. No improvement

8. Do you know who she is going to marry?
a. Whom she is going to marry?
b. Who is she going to marry?
c. Who she is married?
d. No improvement.

9. Even if I had stood on a chair, I would not have been able to reach the light bulb.
a. Would not be reaching
b. Could not reach
c. Did not reach
d. No improvement

10. Many accidents can be avoided if we be  carefull.
a. Were careful
b. Are careful
c. Might be careful
d. No improvement

11. My mother asked me when would I have a glass of milk.
a. I will
b. I would
c. I shall
d. No improvement.

12. As he was much hated by his contemporaries, posterity praises his statesmanship.
a. Much as he was
b. So much fhe was
c. He was as much
d. No improvement

13. It is a common belief that familiarity dispenses with the necessity of politeness.
a. Dispenses from
b. Dispenses without
c. Dispenses of
d. No improvement

14. When Shankar came home after a hard day at the office he found his wife had slept.
a. Has been sleeping 
b. Sleeping
c. Was sleeping
d. No improvement

15. Had you helped me, I shall not be miserable.
a. Would not have been
b. Should not be
c. Would not be
d. No improvement

16. He sent a word to me that he would be coming late.
a. Sent word
b. Has sent a word
c. Sent words
d. No improvement

17. Because of the patient's ill health, losing weight was advised him by the doctor.
a. He was advised by the doctor to lose weight
b. To lose weight was advised to him by the doctor
c. Lose weight was what the doctor advised
d. No correction required

18. the train will have at 8.30 p.m., we have been ready by 7.30 p.m, so that we can reach the station in time.
a. Were
b. Must be
c. Should have
d. Are
e. No correction required

19. As John dived off the spring board, he was horrified to see that the water was drained from the pool the night before.
a. Had been drained off
b. Was drained
c. Was drained away
d. No improvement


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