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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 65) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Saturday, June 04, 2016


Definition to discourage or restrain from acting or proceeding. To prevent;check;arrest
Usage He said the fencing was being put up to deter trespassers


Definition Prevent the occurrence, realization or attainment of
Usage The quick wit of the British police has thwarted a major plot to blow up ten planes in midair.


Definition peace, quiet
Usage This small country hotel nestles in an acre of pure peace and tranquility


Definition to frighten or threaten someone so that they will do what you want
Usage The petty thieves were intimidated into giving the details.


Definition 1) necessary or essential in order for something to succeed or exist
2) connected with or necessary for staying alive
3) full of energy and enthusiasm
Usage Exercise keeps a person young and vital.


Definition Deliverance from charges
Usage She threw a big party for her brother on his acquittal from the false charges of assault that had been booked on him.


Definition to trick someone into doing something, especially by being nice to them | to attract or interest someone
Usage She tried to beguile everyone into doing what she wanted


Definition to hide someone or something | prevent (something) from being known
Usage Diana couldn't conceal her envy of Dev's success

Definition large in amount, value, or importance | large and solid
Usage A substantial part of the book covers the period of the Crusades


Definition Going counter to one's benefit
Usage It has been proved that some pain killers that are sold over the counter have adverse effects and doctors advise people not to buy them.


Definition a person who receives something
Usage Mary was the recipient of $10000 when she won the lottery.


Definition appearing lonely and unhappy | not cared for and with no people in it | unlikely to succeed, come true, etc.
Usage After a sleepless night in the forest the children looked bewildered and forlorn.


Definition appropriate to a particular situation
Usage Billy submitted a list of articles pertinent to his report.


Definition moving or doing things in a very awkward way ~n
2) done without skill or in a way that offends people ~n
3) difficult to move or use easily
Usage The clumsy waitress tripped and dumped an entire tray of empty dishes on the floor.


Definition showing or feeling opposition
Usage The antagonistic students threw erasers at their teacher because they hated her


Definition No longer used because something new has been invented
Usage Many words in the English language have become obsolete


Definition old and not used anymore | very old-fashioned | from a much earlier or ancient period of history
Usage The professor studied the archaic symbols on the tomb.


Definition Easily approachable, friendly
Usage His warm and affable nature ensured that he was never short of friends.


Definition to begin to grow or develop rapidly
Usage The plants that burgeon in his garden are a reflection of his gardening skills

Definition To spoil the good opinion people have of someone or something To become or cause (metal) to become dull and not shiny
Usage The affair could tarnish the reputation of the prime minister


Definition Lacking liveliness, animation or interest
Usage You will find most students dozing in his class as his lectures are so vapid that none of them create an iota of interest.


Definition a person who does not conform to generally accepted standards or customs
Usage Among the ladies she was considered a maverick with her flamboyant lifestyle

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