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Computer Quiz for SBI, IBPS and Other Exams (Set-30)

Published on Tuesday, July 12, 2016
1. Personal computers can be connected together to form a _______________ .
a) super computer
b) server
c) enterprise
d) network
e) None of these

2. Name of the round shining portable disk which can store large amount of information and softwares.
a) Floppy disk
c) Scanner
d) Monitor
e) Laptop 

3. An error in a computer program is called ____________ .
a) Crash
b) Power failure
c) Virus
d) Bug
e) Bugger 

4. BIT stands for -
a) Binary Information Unit
b) Binary language
c) Megabyte
d) Binary Number
e) Binary Digit 

5. A tape drive offers _________ access to data.
a) sporadic
b) timely
c) sequential
d) random
e) disastrous 

6. How many values can be represented by a single byte?
a) 4
b) 512
c) 64
d) 16
e) 256 

7. A device which can be connected to a network without using cable is called ____________ .
a) Centralised device
b) Distributed device
c) Open-source device
d) Without code device
e) Wireless device 

8. The name given to a document by its user is called ____________ .
a) Data
b) Program
c) Record
d) File name
e) File type 

9. The data on floppy disks are recorded in rings called ____________ .
a) rounders
b) ringers
c) tracks
d) sectors
e) circles 

10. All the components of a computer are either ________ or _________.
a) software, CPU/RAM
b) application software, system software
c) hardware, software
d) input device, output device
e) input, output


1. d) network
2. b) CD-ROM
3. d) Bug
4. e) Binary Digit
5. c) sequential
6. d) 16
7. e) Wireless device 
8. d) File name
9. a) rounders
10. c) hardware, software 

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