General Awareness Quiz - Set 53

1. The author of the famous book ‘Crossing the threshold of Hope’?
a) Nelson Mandela
b) Mother Teresa
c) Pope John Paul
d) Alwin Toffler

2. The mushrooms are rich sources of __________.
a) Proteins
b) Minerals
c) Carbohydrates
d) None of these 

3. Vikram Sarabhai space centre is located in ___________ .
a) Sriharikota
b) Kavalur
c) Bangalore
d) Trivandrum 

4. Which dynasty did rule over Magadha after Nanda dynasty?
a) Mourya
b) Gupta
c) Sunga
d) Kushana 

5. Corpus luteum is a mass of cells found in
a) Eye
b) Ovary
c) Pancreas
d) Spleen 

6. There are ________ species of birds in India.
a) about 400
b) less than 400
c) 600 to 700
d) more than 1200 

7. Name the clan Buddha belonged to
a) Kuru
b) Mauraya
c) Sakya
d) Gnathrika

8. ‘Cashew nuts’ are mainly grown in
a) Kerala
b) Kashmir
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Kolkata 

9. Which one of the following was a revolutionary who later turned into a Yogi and Philosopher?
a) Aurobinda Ghosh
b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
c) Lala Lajpat Rai
d) Agarkar 

10. Which of the following rivers is not a tributary of Ganga?
a) Indrawati
b) Son
c) Gomati
d) Yamuna 


1. c) Pope John Paul
2. a) Proteins
3. d) Trivandrum
4. a) Mourya
5. b) Ovary
6. d) more than 1200
7. c) Sakya
8. a) Kerala
9. a) Aurobinda Ghosh
10. a) Indrawati 


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