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Computer Quiz for SBI, IBPS and Other Exams (Set-37)

Published on Tuesday, July 19, 2016
1. What happens when you boot up a PC?
a) Portions of the operating system are copied from disk into memory.
b) Portions of the operating system are compiled.
c) Portions of the operating system are copied from memory onto disk.
d) Portions of the operating system are emulated.
e) The PC gets switched off.

2. Linux is an example of
a) freeware
b) shareware
c) open source software
d) complimentary
e) None of these 

3. Which of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet
c) Graphics package
d) Document processor
e) Power Point 

4. A ___________ is used to read hand written or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory.
a) printer
b) laser beam
c) scanner
d) touchpad
e) None of these 

5. You organise files by storing them in
a) indexes
b) folders
c) archives
d) lists
e) None of these 

6. A ____________ is pre-designed document that already has coordinating fonts, a layout, and a background.
a) guide
b) model
c) ruler
d) template
e) design-plate 

7. What is the default file extension for all Word documents?
a) WRD
b) TXT
c) DOC
d) FIL
e) WD 

8. Removing and replacing devices without turning off your computer is referred to as
a) USB swapping
b) Plug-n-Play
c) Bay swap
d) Hot swapping
e) None of these

9. Specialised programs that assist users in locating information on the Web are called.
a) locator engines
b) information engines
c) web browsers
d) resource locators
e) search engines 

10. Compiling creates a(n)
a) subroutine
b) program specification
c) error-free program
d) algorithm
e) executable program 


1. a) Portions of the operating system are copied from disk into memory.
2. d) complimentary
3. c) Graphics package
4. e) None of these
5. b) folders
6. a) a) guide
7. b) TXT
8. c) Bay swap
9. c) web browsers
10. b) program specification 


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