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Detect Mistakes : Common Errors in English Grammar (Part - 2)

Published on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Directions :

In the following , read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it or not. The error , if any , will be in one part of the sentence .the letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (d). Ignore the errors of punctuation , if any.

(a) Every one of the films
(b) you suggested
(c) are not worth seeing
(d) No error

(a) The secretary and the Principal of the college
(b) are attending
(c) the District Development Council Meeting at the Collectorate.
(d) No error

(a) No sooner had the hockey match started
(b) when it began
(c) to rain
(d) No error

(a)The Secretariat 
(b) Comprises of
(c) many air condition rooms
(d) No error

(a) It is high time
(b) he stood on his own
(c) two legs 
(d) No error.

(a) You should avoid
(b)  to travel
(c) in the rush hour
(d) No error

(a) There is 
(b) only one of his novels
(c) that are interesting
(d) No error

(a) He denied
(b) to have
(c) been there
(d) No error

(a) knowledge of
(b) at least two languages
(c) are required to pass the examination
(d) No error

(a) The members of the Opposition Party in the parliament
(b) shout upon the minister
(c) if he makes wrong statement
(d) No error

(a) if the worst
(b) comes to worst
(c) I will have to bid good bye to my studies and join family business.
(d) No error

(a) The interim  report does not
(b) analyse thoroughly the principle causes 
(c) of the disaster
(d) No error

(a) The items I liked most
(b) Were the rosewood carvings
(c) and  the rosewood furnitures  of Dutch  design
(d) No error

(a) A part of training 
(b) they offered was
(c) real good
(d) No error

(a) The soil was moist as
(b) there was little rain
(c) the day before
(d) No error

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