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Computer Quiz for SBI, IBPS and Other Exams (Set-27)

Published on Saturday, July 09, 2016
1. Flash Drives plug into a(n)
a) Serial port
b) USB port
c) Drive bay
d) Serial bay

2. _________ is the most commonly used input device of a computer.
a) Webcam
b) Keyboard
c) Microphone
d) Scanner 

3. UNIX is a(n) __________operating system.
a) Outdated
b) Multi-user
c) Parallel user
d) Single user 

4. __________ is data that has been organised or presented in a meaningful fashion.
a) Information
b) Wisdom
c) Storage
d) Software 

5. An extremely fast computer that can perform hundreds of billions of instructions is a
a) PDA
b) Minicomputer
c) Supercomputer
d) Workstation 

6. LAN system is a(n)
a) Obsolete system
b) Single-user system
c) Local area network
d) Multiuser system 

7. Which of the following is essential for using a computer effectively
a) System software
b) Utility software
c) Command software
d) Executive software 

8. RAM is a(n)
a) Unaffordable memory
b) Removable memory
c) Temporary memory
d) Permanent memory 

9. Which of the following is not a document file in a word processor?
a) Letter
b) Memo
c) COBOL program
d) Report 

10. In order to have your computer play music you need
a) A sound card and speakers
b) Only external speakers
c) Nothing more than the internal speaker
d) A CD-ROM drive 


1. b) USB port
2. b) Keyboard
3. b) Multi-user
4. a) Information
5. c) Supercomputer
6. c) Local area network
7. a) System software
8. c) Temporary memory
9. c) COBOL program
10. a) A sound card and speakers

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