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General Awareness Quiz - Set 50

Published on Saturday, July 09, 2016
1. ‘Allahabad Bank’ is a nationalized bank with its headquarters in
a) Bengaluru
b) Kolkata
c) Mumbai
d) New Delhi

2. Joshna Chinappa and Line Hansen are associated with the sports of
a) Tennis
b) Badminton
c) Baseball
d) Squash 

3. ‘Onam’ is the state festival of the Indian state of
a) Goa
b) Kerala
c) Karnataka
d) Tamil Nadu 

4. The official currency of ‘Republic of Singapore’ is
a) Singapore Peso
b) Singapore Dollar
c) Singapore Rupee
d) Singapore Shilling 

5. The ‘Okhla Bird Sanctuary’ is situated in the Indian state of
a) Haryana
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Punjab 

6. The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be hosted by
a) England and Wales
b) India and Bangladesh
c) South Africa and Kenya
d) India and Sri Lanka 

7. Ranil Wickremesinghe has recently been sworn in as the Prime Minister of
a) Sri Lanka
b) Indonesia
c) Malaysia
d) Maldives 

8. The majority shareholder in the share capital of ‘Bank of Baroda’ is
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) Government of India
c) Corporates/Individuals
d) Banks/ Insurance Companies 

9. At which of the following places is ‘Madras Atomic Power’ station situated?
a) Vijaywada
b) Kalpakkam
c) Tirunelveli
d) Shivakashi 

10. World Polio Day is observed every year on
a) 29th September
b) 29th October
c) 24th October
d) 24th September 


1. b) Kolkata
2. d) Squash
3. b) Kerala
4. b) Singapore Dollar
5. b) Uttar Pradesh
6. a) England and Wales
7. a) Sri Lanka
8. b) Government of India
9. b) Kalpakkam
10. c) 24th October


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