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Errors Spotting in English language - 2

Published on Thursday, July 14, 2016
grammar mistakes

Directions :

In each of the following questions,find out which part of the sentence has no error. if there is no mistake, the answer is "No error'.

1. He fell from a running train (a) /  and would  have died (b)/ if the  villagers did not get  him admitted in the nearby hospital  immediately (c) / No error (d).
2. The  teacher promised (a) /  that he would explain it (b) / if they  came (c) / before  school the following day (d) No error (e).

3. although we are free (a) / for the last forty  five years or so, (b) / yet we continue to be  economically  backward (c) / no error (d).

4. I wonder (a)/ what he has done with the book (b) / I lend him (c) / No error  (d).\

5. He makes it clear in the very first novel (a) / of this period that (b) / he sees his life and work on dramatic terms (c) / No error (d).

6.  Frozen foods are so popular  today (a)/ that many people wonder (b) /  how they ever lived without  them (c) / No error (d).

7. The mission provides (a) / able service to all (b) / the  needy people in this area (c) / during last few  years (d) / no error (e).

8. It was apparent to everyone present (a) / that he would die  (b) /  if he doesn't  receive (c) / timely  help (d) / No error (e).

9. If a thing (a) / is worth doing at all (b) / it is worth  done well (c) / No error(d).

10. Having deprived from their homes (a) / in the  recent earthquake, (b) / they had no other option  but (c) / to take shelter in a school (d) / No error (e).


(1)  Replace 'did not get ' by 'had not get'

(2) No error

(3) Replace 'are' by 'have been'

(4) Replace 'lend'by 'lent'

(5) Replace 'makes' by 'has made'

(6) Add 'had' before 'ever'

(7) Replace 'provides' by 'has provided'

(8) Replace 'doesn't by ' didn't'.

(9) Add 'being' before ' done'

(10) Replace 'having' by 'having been'

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