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Most Confusing Word In English Language : Part -1

Published on Thursday, July 14, 2016
confusing words
1. All doctors __________ heavy smoking.
a. depreciate
b. deprecate

2. The mountaineers carry _______ food stuffs with them.
a. desiccated
b. desiderated

3. His ______ remarks were appreciated by all.
a. apposite
b. opposite

4. Although it was from my senior officer. I ________ because it was not ________worded.
a. declined, suitably
b. refused, well

5. Today, the ______ of the industrial workers are much better than the _________ of school teachers.
a. wages, salary
b. pay, emoluments

6. All skin diseases are ________.
a. contagious
b. contiguous

7. The hotel manager advertised for an experienced ________ to give performance at dinner time.
a. artise
b. astist

8. he is not a student but is working in the college office. he is therefore ,a  ________ and not a ______.
a. collegiate, collegian
b. collegian, collegiate

9. I have a firm _______in the essential goodness of all men and a deep-rooted _______ that they would all come up to be law-abiding citizens.
a. faith, conviction
b. conviction, belief

10. According to some critics, Pope was not a poet, but a _________.
a. virtuous 
b. cirtuoso

11. The _______ child was admitted to the hospital.
a. abnormal
b. subnormal

12. The dead body was taken to the cremation ground on a _______.
a. bier
b. bear

13. The sinner _______ for his sins.
a. expatiated
b. expiated

14. _________ John Mathai will preach here for a week.
a. Reverend
b. Revered

15. A large population of Latin American countries were not aborigines but_______.
a. immigrants
b. emigrants

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