General Awareness Quiz - Set 61

1. Galvanised iron sheets are protected from rusting due to the presence of a layer of
a) lead
b) chromium
c) Zinc
d) tin

2. Who among the following is known for his work on medicine during the Gupta Period?
a) Saumilla
b) Sudraka
c) Shaunaka
d) Susruta 

3. Dr. BR Ambedkar was elected to the Constituent Assembly of India from
a) West Bengal
b) Bombay Presidency
c) Punjab
d) Madhya Bharat 

4. A Wild Ass Sanctuary is located in
a) Bandipur
b) Bharatpur
c) Little Rann of Kutch
d) Madumalai 

5. The “Group of 77” refers to the group of
a) highly industrialized countries
b) developing countries
c) non-aligned countries
d) soft drink manufacturers 

6. Oxalic acid is used in the manufacture of
a) tincture iodine
b) paints
c) ink
d) aerated water 

7. ‘Ayurveda’ has its origin in
a) Rig Veda
b) Sama Veda
c) Yajur Veda
d) Atharva Veda 

8. Who wrote ‘Kiratarjuniyam’?
a) Bhasa
b) Bhartruhari
c) Bhavabhuthi
d) Bharavi 

9. Who wrote ‘Ashtadhyayi?
a) Panini
b) Katyayana
c) Jayadeva
d) Bharatha 

10. The National Anthem was first sung in the year
a) 1911
b) 1913
c) 1935
d) 1936 


1. c) Zinc
2. d) Susruta
3. b) Bombay Presidency
4. c) Little Rann of Kutch
5. b) developing countries
6. c) ink
7. d) Atharva Veda
8. d) Bharavi
9. a) Panini
10. a) 1911 


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