General Awareness Quiz - Set 62

1. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan wrote
a) Butterfield
b) Sanctuary
c) Indian Philosophy
d) Invisible Man

2. Which of the following is an advantage to using fibre optics data transmission?
a) Resistance to data theft
b) Fast data transmission rate
c) Few transmission errors
d) Low noise level 

3. Which of the following is the Capital of Bulgaria?
a) Sofia
b) Danube
c) Rio de Janeiro
d) Belgrade 

4. Sahara desert is in
a) Africa
b) Australia
c) Asia
d) Europe 

5. X–rays travel with the velocity of
a) positive rays
b) sound
c) light
d) alpha rays 

6. The capital of Uganda is
a) Accra
b) Kampala
c) Ankara
d) Amman 

7. Which country is the source for the parliamentary system?
a) England
b) Russia
c) England
d) U.S.A. 

8. The founder of Portuguese power in India was
a) Danes
b) Salsette
c) Albuquerque
d) Vasco–da–gama 

9. The Strait which separates Africa from Europe is
a) Hook Strait
b) Strait of Gibraltar
c) Palk Strait
d) Bering Strait 

10. With which sport the term Caddie is associated?
a) Polo
b) Bridge
c) Billiards
d) Golf 


1. c) Indian Philosophy
2. b) Fast data transmission rate
3. a) Sofia
4. a) Africa
5. c) light
6. b) Kampala
7. c) England
8. c) Albuquerque
9. b) Strait of Gibraltar
10. d) Golf 


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