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Polity Quiz for SSC CGL : 15 Important Questions for the Exam

Published on Thursday, July 21, 2016
ssc polity
Ques 1. What does part 2  of the Indian Constitution deal with ?

Ques 2. What does Indian  nationally law follow ?
Ques 3. Which part of Indian constitution deal with fundamental  rights ?

Ques 4. Which article protects  the right to freedom  of search of Indian  citizens ?

Ques 5. Name the article which deals with the protection of interests of minorities.

Ques 6. Which article gives Right to life to Indian citizen and hence is known as the backbone of part 3 ?

Ques 7. What does part IV of Indian Constitution deal with ?

Ques 8. Who is the commander-in -chief of the Indian armed forces ?

Ques 9.  The executive power of Union of India is vested in ____

Ques 10 What does union executive  include ?

Ques 11.  who are the members of the electoral college fro election of president of India include ?

Ques 12. President  of India is elected by _____

Ques 13. Along with being a citizen of India and more than 35 years  of age president  of India should be _____

Ques 14. Name the offices which are regarded as  office of profit in case of election of president of India .

Ques 15. Is the  president of India impeached or removed ?
Download Indian Constitution in Nutshell PDF here

Solutions :


2. Jus sanguinis 

3. part 3 ( Art 12 to 35)

4. Art 19

5. Art 21A

6. Art 29

7. Article 21

8. Directive Principles of Oue state Policy

9.The President  of India President of India

10. President, Vice president , Council of Minister, Attorney general

11. Elected MP's  and MLA's  of all the Indian  states and the UT's  Delhi and Puducherry 

12. Proportional representation system by  means of single transfer able vote 

13. a) qualified to be elected  as a member of lok sabha
b) should not hold any office of profit under the state

14. all except office of president , vice president ,governor and minister of union/ state

15. President of India is impeached (all other authorities  are  removed )

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