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Computer Quiz for IBPS and Other Exams (Set-64)

Published on Thursday, August 18, 2016
1. A set of formats that has a name and can be quickly applied to selected text is called a(n)
a) font
b) style
c) feature
d) finish 
e) None of these

2. You can show an entire page or multiple pages at the same time using _______options.
a) Word
b) Draft
c) Zoom
d) Show/Hide 
e) None of these
3. Expansion cards are inserted into
a) slots
b) peripheral devices
c) the CPU
d) Pegs 
e) None of these
4. When software is distributed free but requires the users to pay some amount for further use, it is called
a) freeware
b) Shareware
c) rentalware
d) public-domain software 
e) None of these
5. When we open an Internet site we see ‘www’. What is the full form of ‘www’?
a) world wide wokeup
b) world wide web
c) word widing works
d) words wide web 
e) None of these

6. What do you use to create a chart?
a) Pie Wizard
b) Excel Wizard
c) Data Wizard
d) Chart Wizard 
e) None of these

7. What does the acronym PDF stand for?
a) Portable Documenting Format
b) Portable Documentation File
c) Portable Documentation Format
d) Portable Document Format 
e) None of these

8. LSI in chip technology stands for
a) Large-Scale Integration
b) Local-Scale Integration
c) Low-Scale Integration
d) Low-Scale Internet 
e) None of these

9. Which of the following is not a binary number?
a) 110
b) 1001
c) 100110
d) 233 
e) None of these

10. Micro Processor speed is measured in
a) megabytes
b) bytes
c) kilobytes
d) gigahertz 
e) None of these


1. b) style
2. d) Show/Hide
3. a) slots
4. b) Shareware
5. b) world wide web
6. d) Chart Wizard
7. d) Portable Document Format
8. a) Large-Scale Integration
9. d) 233
10. d) gigahertz 


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