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Mixed GK Quiz for the SSC CGL Exam (Set-1)

Published on Thursday, August 18, 2016
1. During the Indian freedom struggle who of the following founded the Prarthana Samaj?
a) Atmaram Pandurang
b) Gopal Hari Deshmukh
c) Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar
d) Keshab Chandra Sen

2. Who did not agree with Mahatma Gandhi's policy of non-violence?
a) Jaiprakash Narain
b) Subhash Chandra Bose
c) Bhagat Singh
d) All of the above 

3. Who is the hero of Quit India Movement?
a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Subhash Chandra Bose
d) Jaiprakash Narain 

4. What is 1757 famous for?
a) Battle of Panipat
b) Battle of Plassey
c) First War of Independence
d) Birth of Mahatma Gandhi

5. When was First War of Independence fought?
a) 1757
b) 1857
c) 1957
d) None of these 

6. Who is the CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange?
a) Ashish Chauhan
b) Dhirendra Swarup
c) Vikramajit Sen
d) Sudhakar Rao 

7. Name the Asian cricketer who made the first triple century?
a) Sunil Gavaskar
b) Sachin Tendulkar
c) Hanif Mahammad
d) Jahir Abbas 

8. Which of the following banks launches 'Project Ananya' to improve Digital Banking Services?
a) Syndicate Bank
b) State Bank of India
c) UCO Bank
d) UBI 

9. Krishna Pushkaralu festival comes once in every
a) 5 years
b) 7 years
c) 10 years
d) 12 years 

10. Organ Donation Day is celebrated every year on
a) 31st July
b) 1st August
c) 13th August
d) 5th September 


1. a) Atmaram Pandurang
2. d) All of the above
3. a) Mahatma Gandhi
4. b) Battle of Plassey
5. b) 1857
6. a) Ashish Chauhan
7. c) Hanif Mahammad
8. a) Syndicate Bank
9. d) 12 years
10. c) 13th August

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