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General Awareness Quiz - Set 84

Published on Monday, August 15, 2016
1. The World’s largest and tallest Indian National flag was recently unfurled in
a) Faridabad
b) Gurgaon
c) Karnal
d) Panipat

2. The capital of Myanmar is
a) Thimphu
b) Putrajaya
c) Langkawi
d) Naypyidaw 

3. The 880-MW Kaiga Atomic Power Plant is situated near the river Kali in the Indian State of
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Kerala
c) Karnataka
d) Maharashtra 

4. The currency of the ‘Republic of South Africa’ is
a) Rand
b) Rial
c) Ruble
d) Peso 

5. ‘Fugdi’ is a traditional folk dance popular in the Indian State of
a) Goa
b) Bihar
c) Odisha
d) Gujarat 

6. The ‘CNSA’ is the national space agency of
a) Soviet Union
b) Republic of Singapore
c) Russian Federation
d) People’s Republic of China 

7. The abbreviation ‘CSR’ stands for
a) Collective Social Responsibility
b) Collective Shared Responsibility
c) Corporate Social Responsibility
d) Corporate Shared Responsibility 

8. For highlighting women’s safety, the National Institute of Gender Justice has recently honoured film actress
a) Rani Mukherji
b) Vidya Balan
c) Jaya Bachchan
d) Hema Malini 

9. The global meet on countering Violent Extremism was recently held in
a) London, Uk
b) Washington, USA
c) Paris, France
d) New York, USA 

10. The ‘Armed Forces Flag Day’ is observed every year on
a) 2nd December
b) 4th December
c) 6th December
d) 7th December 


1. a) Faridabad
2. d) Naypyidaw
3. c) Karnataka
4. a) Rand
5. a) Goa
6. d) People’s Republic of China
7. c) Corporate Social Responsibility
8. a) Rani Mukherji
9. b) Washington, USA
10. d) 7th December 

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