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Indian Geography Quiz for SSC CGL - Part 2

1. Homosapiens existence on earth is traced to which age?

2. Which part of the mantle is also known as magma Chamber?

3. Allabund fault line in bhuj, Gujarat is associated with which type of boundary?

4. As per international agreement which meridian has been chosen as prime meridian?

5. The balance of incoming and outgoing solar radiations is known as________.

6. Which pressure belt is known as belt of calm or doldrums?

7. Winter rainfall in north India is caused due to ________.

8. As per UNCLOS3 territorial water of a country extend up to from the coastline

9. Name the highest peak of Aravali mountains.

10. Where does river Ravi originate from?

11. What type of Vegetation does Sunderbans in West Bengal have?

12. What are roaring fourties, furious fifties and striking sixties? 


1. Cenozoic age (Quaternary period)

2. Asthenosphere

3. Transform boundary (earthquakes of high magnitude)

4. Meridian passing through Greenwich (time here is known as GMT)

5. Heat Budget

6. 5 degree north to south

7. Sub tropical westerly jet stream (Western disturbances)

8. 12 nautical miles

9. Guru shikhar (Hill station of mount Abu is located here)

10. Rohtang pass

11. Mangrove vegetation

12. Westerly winds along 40 degree, 50 degree and 60 degree latitudes in southern hemisphere   

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