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Indian History Quiz for SSC CGL Part - 4

Published on Thursday, August 25, 2016

1. Name the compaign launched by Gandhiji to support depressed classes.

2. Name the resolution that was passed in order to start quit India Movement?
3. Name the all party conference suggested under Wavell plan in 1945 to resolve the deadlock between muslim league and INC.

4. Who conceived the idea of Indian National Army?

5. Name the group formed by Subhash Chandra bose in 1940 in order to struggle for freedom in his own way.

6. What was the name if all women regiment of INA?

7. Under which Act was Dyorchy system introduced in provinces?

8. What is the other name of GOI Act 1919?

9. What is the other name of GOI Act 1909?

10. Name the freedom fighters that were responsible for throwing bomb at judge Kingford?

11. Name the act which forms the basis of current Indian constitution.

12. Who is known as the father of Indian civil services?

13. Name the commission that was set up for the investigation of jallianwala bagh massacre.   
14. Name the only Indian to hold the office of gevernor general.


1. Harijan campaign

2. August resolution on august 8th 1942 at gwalia tank in Bombay

3. Shimla conference

4. Mohan Singh in Malaya

5. Forward Bloc

6. Rani Jhansi regiment

7. Govt of India Act 1919

8. Montague Chelmsford reforms

9. Morley Minto reforms

10. Khudi ram bose and praful chaki

11. GOI Act 1935

12. Lord Cornwallis

13. Hunter commission

14. C. Rajagopalacherya

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