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Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Exams

Published on Friday, September 09, 2016
Ques 1.
RBI increases the cash limit for foreign travel to ________ from $2000 without approval ?
(a) $4000
(b) $7500
(c) $3000
(d) $10000
(e) $600

Ques 2.
RBI  asked all banks not to honour cheques with overwriting from ________
(a) 1 September 2010
(b) 1 February 2011
(c) 1 December 2010
(d) 1 March 2011
(e) 1 April 2011

Ques 3.
 How much worth of bank notes is in the circulation in India as per the data released by RBI  ?
(a) 5,22,814 cr
(b) 18, 22366 cr
(c) 7,88,299 crore
(d) 2,25,145 cr
(E) None

Ques 4
Monetary Policy of RBI does not include ______?
(a) Control the supply of Money
(b) fixation of rate of interest 
(c) Reduction of taxes
(d) Fixation of Repo rate and Reverse Repo rate
(e) Fixation of Cash

Ques 5.
Which Famous French Bank applied to get Reserve Bank of India's permission to start a non-banking finance company in India ?
(a) ING 
(b) IAG
(c) BNP Paribas
(d) Lombard
(e) Prudential

Ques 6.
In 2010 Bank of Rajasthan  was merged with :
(a) State  Bank of India (SBI)
(b) Syndicate Bank
(c) HDFC
(e) Bank of Punjab

Ques 7.
As per  RBI data currently, credit to the MSME sector accounts fro about ________ percent of the total banking credit in the country ?
(a) 14-15
(b) 20-21
(c) 30-35
(d) 25-26
(e) 50-5

Ques 8.
State Bank of  India became first bank to setup wind mills for captive use to adhere Green banking .These wind mills are established first in ________ ?
(a)  Maharashtra
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Karnataka
(d) Haryana
(e) Goa

Ques 9.
SBI funds is the joint venture between SBI and _______ ?
(a) Prudential ( U.S.A)
(b) BNP Paribas 
(c) Allianz
(d) Societe Generale Asset Management
(e) IAG ( Australia)

Ques 10.
The Reserve Bank of India has raised the threshold limit for real time gross settlement transactions from  1lakh to  _________ lakhs ?
(a) 5
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 5
(e) 4

Ques 11.
Centurion bank was merged with ________ ?
(a) HSBC
(b) Corporation bank
(c) HDFC
(d) IDBI bank
(e) City bank

Global Trust bank was merged with :
(a) HDFC
(b) OBC
(c) IDBI
(d) Indian Bank
(e) Corporation Bank

Ques 13.
Common Wealth Bank of Australia opens its first branch in India at ______ ?
(a) Delhi
(b) Ahmadabad
(c) Hyderabad
(d) Chennai
(e) Mumbai

Ques 14.
Which bank is the first to issue computer chip based Debit card on pilot basis ?
(a) HDFC
(b) ICIC
(c) Axis Bank
(d) Syndicate bank
(e) HSBC

Ques 15.
IDBI will tie up with ________to boost micro-financing in India ?
(a) SBI
(b) RBI
(e) ADB
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