Cloze Test Set : Important for IBPS PO Pre

cloze test
Do you put off until (1) what you can do today? If so, you are the procrastinator and according to the (2) you should change your ways (3) A little procrastination is perfectly (4) The  phychologists (5) that. But in too many cases it is dangerously neurotic activity that can bring about (6) results.

Suppose you are still putting (7) the chore of filling your income tax return. which was due five months ago, you are courting (8) A great number of people really never get around to paying tax returns on time, not because they dread parting with their (9) but because they keep putting it off.

As for me, I have never procrastinated and never shall. This is not a boastful claim of personal (10) The truth is, I never have the time to put things off.

a. yesterday   
b. tomorrow
c. today
d. last week
e. last year

a. psychologist
b. eye specialist
c. pathologist
d. radiologist
e. dermatologist

a. gradually
b. quietly
c. sporadically
d. immediately
e. never

a. abnormal
b. normal
c. inhuman
d. human
e. subhuman

a. conference
b. concern
c. concede
d. contort
e. cohibit

 a. grave
b. easy
c. trivial
d. banal
e. nominal

a. on
b. of
c. off
d. in
e. inside

a. catapult
b. cathode
c. catechism
d. cataract
e. catastrophe

a. clothes
b. money
c. houses
d. cars
e. televisions

a. virtue
b. vice
c. advice
d. device
e. revise

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