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General Awareness Quiz - Set 88

Published on Thursday, September 15, 2016
1. Which of the following is not one of the west-flowing rivers in India?
a) Kaveri
b) Mahi
c) Tapti
d) Narmada

2. The ‘Gorumara National Park’ is located in the Indian State of
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) West Bengal
d) Goa

3. As per the 2015 revision of the UN World Population Projections, the World population in 2013 is projected to be
a) 7.9 billion
b) 9.5 billion
c) 9.1 billion
d) 8.5 billion

4. The German Development Bank KfW will provide loan assistance to metro system for which of the following cities?
a) Luchnow
b) Patna
c) Nagpur
d) Chennai

5. The world’s first ‘White Tiger Safari’ was inaugurated in which of the following states recently?
a) West Bengal
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Gujarat
d) Madhya Pradesh

6. The National Maritime Day is observed in India on
a) 5 Apr
b) 10 Apr
c) 15 Apr
d) 20 Apr

7. Baku is the capital city which of the following countries?
a) Azerbaijan
b) Armenia
c) Belarus
d) Spain

8. West Indies won the ICC Men’s World Twenty20 2016.Which of the following teams won the Women’s Word T20 2016?
a) England
b) Australia
c) New Zealand
d) West Indies

9. PM Narendra Modi was conferred the highest civilian honour- the King Abdulaziz Sash – by which country during his recent visit?
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arabia
d) UAE

10. The men’s singles category title at the ‘Brisbane International Tennis Tournament 2016’ was won by
a) Roger Federer
b) John Peers
c) Marlin Cilic
d) Milos Raonic


1.  a) Kaveri
2. c) West Bengal
3. d) 8.5 billion
4. c) Nagpur
5. d) Madhya Pradesh
6. a) 5 Apr
7. a) Azerbaijan
8. d) West Indies
9. c) Saudi Arabia
10. d) Milos Raonic

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