General Awareness Quiz - Set 95

Published on Friday, September 23, 2016
1. The birth anniversary of M Visvesvaraya is observed as “Engineers Day” in India which falls on
a) 15 Sep
b) 17 Sep
c) 11 Aug
d) 25 Jan

2. Which of the following banks launched the mobile banking app ‘LIME’ recently?
a) ICICI Bank
b) HDFC Bank 
c) State Bank of India
d) Axis Bank

3. Which of the following is not a foreign bank operating in India?
a) Yes Bank
b) Deutsche Bank
c) Standard Chartered
d) Citi Bank

4. Who among the following is the winner of the men’s singles title of 2015 US Open?
a) Rafael Nadal
b) Andy Murray
c) Stan Wawrinka
d) Novak Djokovic

5. The term “Market Regulator” is used for which of the following organisations in India?
a) FMC
b) RBI

6. Which of the following is an instrument through which corporates raise debt from the market?
a) Treasury Bills
b) Commercial Paper
c) National Savings Certificate
d) Kisan Vikas Patra

7. When the overall price level decreases so that inflation rate becomes negative, it is called
a) retardation
b) stagflation
c) deflation
d) recession

8. The non-profit organization World Economic Forum (WEF) is based in
a) Geneva, Switzerland
b) New York, US
c) Paris, France
d) Manila, Philippines

9. What is the total number of member countries of the United Nations (UN)?
a) 97
b) 116
c) 173
d) 193

10. The “Himalaya Diwas” is observed by which of the following states on 9 Sep?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Uttarakhand


1. a) 15 Sep
2. d) Axis Bank
3. a) Yes Bank
4. d) Novak Djokovic
5. d) SEBI
6. b) Commercial Paper
7. c) deflation
8. a) Geneva, Switzerland
9. d) 193
10. d) Uttarakhand


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